Financial accounting

Maintain comprehensive financial records.

Take advantage of our business consulting services that will work around your busy schedule and help you stay focused.

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It's never business as usual.

Your business evolves constantly. We recognize the need for on-going financial and process monitoring. Our creative prowess and seasoned business thinking have helped transform established businesses, guide new and burgeoning ones, and eased the process of transitioning businesses. Our well-established network of relationships with local lenders and professionals is not for nothing; our proven track record is why they want us on your team, and why you’ll want us there, too.

Business Plans
Help your business stay focused with a written business model as well as obtain necessary bank financing.

Business Financial Analysis
All the time businesses come to us with the hopes of strengthening their businesses. They always have great ideas but lack the financial analysis to back up their intuitions. Make more informed and pragmatic decisions with better financial analysis, the kind of analysis that comes from experienced financial professionals.

Cash Flow Analysis
Analyzing cash flow is crucial to understanding trends in revenue and spend, as well as ongoing solvency concerns – will you be able to meet your financial obligations (payroll, loans, etc.) Determining the health of your business on an on-going basis brings you to a deeper understanding of where you are and where you are headed as a business owner.

Bank/Grant Financing
Get approved for financing necessary to grow or start your business. Sometimes it makes sense to take on debt to run your business, and we can help you assess what the ideal financing situation looks like.

Purchase and Sale
Get an accurate assessment on how much the business you want to buy or sell is really worth. Does this match where you’re at? We want to talk this through with you and help you to see the many sides of a life-changing decision.

Business Process Analysis
Flowcharting your day-to-day operations might seem like a waste of time, but it often times turns up bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Are you losing out on profits because of bad buying processes or poor processed for managing customer relationships? An analysis of your business’ processes can provide you with a more concrete picture of how your business works and where it could work even better. It’s a continual process, and one you shouldn’t have to handle on your own.

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